February in the Algarve, on the way to the orange fruit and almond blossom

Away from overtourism:  outdoors & indoor activities to escape the Winter


While, practically everywhere in Europe, the cold is looming quite severe and widespread, there is a small corner in Europe where February and March can hold a pleasant surprise: mild temperatures and many sunny days are waiting for you! If you think there is not much to do in a months like February and March, here you can pick some good ideas to enjoy the season here. Besides walking that are of course amazing in this season, food and wine experiences are good option too at this time of year, especially on a cloudy or rainy day. From the orange picking to 'medronho' distillation to the nice walking to discover all the beauty of the almond blossoms in the interior. The 'Rota das Amendoeiras', for instance, is something really stunning for those who are in love for the cherry tree's blossoming (of course Japan is top!), but also here in the Algarve almond trees in blossom take on snowy white and pink tones and brighten up the winter landscape. The 'Amendoeira Trail' develops in the so-called Algarvian 'Barrocal', that portion of land between the coastal area and the 'Serra', ideally joining the districts of Loulé, São Brás de Alportel, Silves and Monchique under the common name of  'pomar algarvio', an area where  almond, fig and carob trees and cork oaks trees are predominant. Many small villages of the inland algarvio, hold a daily activity with lunches based on local gastronomic products, such as 'Nave do Barão', a small municipality near Salir, which dedicates an entire day to almond blossom on 24 February 2024. As well as the village of 'Almeixal', in the township of Loulé, which is an ideal starting point for walks in the still authentic and enchanted nature of the Algarvian interior and to observe the almond trees in blossom. For more information on routes and activities, please contact the QRER cooperative, which energizes the area through various initiatives, one of which is 'Walking Festival Almeixal'.

Then, following the Via Algarviana towards Sagres, we arrive in Silves, the heart of the inner Algarve. Silves is known for its splendid dark red walls (Grés de Silves) that frame the town set on a rise, at the apex of which is the medieval castle of Silves with a 360-degree view of the Serra. Known for the famous 'feira medieval' in the middle week of August  that attracts thousands of tourists, few know (for now!) that in February the 'Feira da laranja de Silves' is held, now in its eighth edition; this year 2024 it will be held from 16 to 18 February. Alongside the classic programme, there will be local gastronomy and entertainment, including music at FISSUL. City restaurants will join in the celebration of Silves' famous 'laranja' with dedicated menus ranging from appetizers to desserts, and even orange cocktails. But Silves is famous and renowned as being the 'Capital of Oranges' in the Algarve.

For those who are passionate about nature and organic farming, you shouldn't miss a very unique activity: the orange picking at an organic farm, one of the few with a real certification.

This  small ‘Quinta’ grows oranges and citrus fruit exclusively organically. The landscape of the 'pomar de citrinos' is something unique, and in this season, the green foliage and fresh, irrigated grass light up the bright orange tone of the oranges that ripen abundantly on the trees even more.  For those who don't want to miss the unique experience of