Bolo de Tacho - The 1st of May Cake of Monchique

A 200 years-old tradition, pride of Monchique people and its unique way of celebrating conviviality



A cake that has been prepared for the least 200 years in Monchique mountains, only for the 1st of May, as the main element of the "farnéis" or snacks that the people made for the traditional "desmaios" or picnic in the fields. It is characterised by the use of ingredients that are based on several endogenous resources and its confection is based on ancestral processes and techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation. Known for the use of four basic ingredients that come from hills surrounding Monchique: maize flour, olive oil, honey and lard from black pork (banha de porco). To these are then added other elements to personal taste (coffee, cocoa powder, spices, lemon or bela-luísa) the quantity of which will make the flavour and texture of the cake differ from recipe to recipe.




skilful cook, she has learned everything she knows directly from the hands of her mother and grandmother to which she has added her creativity.

Bolo de Tacho - The 1st of May Cake of Monchique

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