The Chemistry of Bread-Making

All secrets behind Bread and Baking in a Wood-Fired Oven explained by a professional baker.



Baking bread may seem like a simple process. It's a combination of only four ingredients: flour, water, yeast and salt. However, there's a lot of science in how these four ingredients interact, and how varying them varies the bread's characteristcs. Join passionate, professional baker Luisa Teixeira on his new ‘Bread and Baking in a Wood-Fired Oven’ course and allow his enthusiasm to rub off whilst gaining the confidence to regularly make your daily bread.


Trained in the kitchen of her grandmother Arminda, since childhood participating and experimenting, copying and reinventing according to the resources of her time.

Luísa Soares Teixeira

Luísa Soares Teixeira

She has consolidated her knowledge in a self-taught way, looking into the noblest gastronomic bibliography together with a degree in Visual and Technological Education teachers, which resulted in a perspective of cooking as a workshop of creative expression.

The Chemistry of Bread-Making

Portugal· 3 hours